Businesses and individuals can sign up to Paywong with just an email address to access the dashboard. The dashboard app keeps track of all payment status, manage wallet balances and more. Sign up for an account on: https://app.paywong.com


We’ve launched a checkout module can be embedded onto any website. This can be done either through an API/SDK integration or through plugins specifically designed for e-commerce platforms. Currently, plugins for the following e-commerce platforms are available:

  • Shopify

  • WordPress

  • Opencart

B2B businesses can also take advantage of Paywong by creating unique payment links. Payment links can be generated through Paywong dashboard. Businesses can then embed it to any invoice to create a payable invoice.


Paywong offers businesses accepting crypto payments a non-custodial wallet. What this means is that users have full control of their private keys. A new wallet is created when an account is set up on Paywong. This service is powered by Magic. Magic wallets are EVM compatible, supporting multiple chains with a single unique public address attached to the user’s email. We have chosen to provide a default wallet as it reduces the barrier to entry for businesses that would like to start accepting crypto payments. However, there is always an option to route payments to an external wallet should they choose to do so, configurable from the Paywong dashboard.

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